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Development of Snapchat to Snapchat+

Snapchat is one of the popular apps related to photo sharing that is available for mobile. The software can be downloaded easily from itunes or Google playstore. The latest version of the snapchat app gives you the facility of doodling. It also have several other features which are very helpful for those who know how to use them.

In the new era of mobile technology, the significance of mobile apps are getting more importance by the day. There are various social networking sites that have come up with their own apps and hence the importance of apps cannot be ignored in the world of smart phones. Some apps and website are in fact designed keeping in mind the smart phone users and not for desktops and one such app would be snapchat. It has grown immensely popular since it was introduced and here are few tips about downloading it and using the app.

Downloading snapchat+

When it comes to downloading the app it is easy enough for you. Simple go to the Google play store and download the app and that’s it. Using it after downloading the app from Google play store is just the matter of following the instructions.

And if you don’t find snapchat+ in playstore or itunes, download here from our website.


Snapchat+ new features

In snapchat+ you have a lot of new features that makes this app much better, The gear icon, Doodling, New languages, Geolocation, You can choose what pictures and videos will be down to your gallery and the best feature is that now u can take a photo and puy a background with a lot of different colors.

The gear icon

The latest version of the download snapchat+ has some of the best features that you can think of. The gear icon is one of them. Simply go this this icon and click on the additional services and then go to the manage option. You can enable various filters, front flash and many more with this option.


One of the best feature of the snapchat+ download is the facility to doodle. The option has been added to the latest version and you can select your favourite color from the rainbow slider provided here.


The feature of geolocation is senabling as well and the location of the current snap can be easily displayed with the help of this option. This feature was absent in the older versions of the app and the addition of it is a definite advantage.

How to get this app:


  1. Download the Snapchat+
  2. Unzip the file you have downloaded with WinRaR archiver.(if you dont have – Download here)
  3. Extract the rar on your computer
  4. Connect a USB cable from your phone to your computer
  5.  For Galaxy choose this file APK and for Apple device choose this IPA
  6. Put the file that you need on your device and reconnect the USB
  7. Enjoy Snapchat+

Download link

Snapchat+ Download


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We don’t ask of you for money,but a small servey to get some credit for our work. If you can’t complete the servey then maybe we can help you, go to Contact Us Page ans we will make the biggest effort for you get your download.



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