How To Download

This page purpose is to help you with any download problems you may encounter If you come across any trouble then you should read this page further more.

In order to keep boots and leachers away, we must require each user to complete a survey to receive the download. Surveys are extremely easy to complete. They only take about one minute to complete and most of them are free to complete. When completing a survey you should enter real, not fake, information.

Survey Unlocking Tips:

Survey Downloads: Make sure to accept any optional toolbars or third party applications during the installation to unlock the page. Just downloading an application is not enough to get an unlock.

Surveys in general: Some surveys require more than one to be completed to unlock the page. Be sure to read the survey requirements on the offer page.

Survey trials: Make sure to fill out the trial with accurate information to unlock the page. Filling them out with bogus info will not result in an unlock.

For GUARANTEED UNLOCK, complete mobile offers that require you to type in pins, these run through the Verification process much faster!



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